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Yukon’s Vialok products are behind tens of millions of safe, needle-free medication preparations around the world. We’re trusted by top medical device and pharmaceutical companies, healthcare workers, and even patients who use our vial adapters safely at home. 

The Vialok Vented Vial Access Device (VVAD) is designed for ease of use on a variety of vials. The devices include a 0.2µm hydrophobic air-venting filter that neutralizes vial pressure, minimizing aerosols and surface contamination. The VVAD vial spike does not core the stopper during attachment, precluding cored fragments from coming loose. 

In addition to presenting health risks for healthcare workers and patients, many common infusion drugs contain chemicals which can cause damage to infusion and compounding devices. Damage to devices has the potential to expose healthcare workers to spills and compromise their safety. Vialok Vented Vial Access Devices (VVAD) are compatible with these types of medications.

Our Vialok products are DEHP-free, Latex-free, and BPA-free.

Product Development Services

Our team can customize pharmaceutical products to meet your specific needs, including modifications of our vial adapters. Whether you need a tooling change to the body, integration of a fluid filter, a bonded component such as a valve, or simply a change in the product color, our team can turn your concept into a state-of-the-art product to meet your needs. Our approach to customization consistently beats industry standard timelines, ensuring your concept becomes a market-ready solution when you need it most.

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