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Since its inception, Yukon Medical has worked directly with clinicians and users to understand their needs and build products that keep them safe and address the complex challenges associated with current devices. The feedback and input of healthcare workers continues to be at the center of everything we do to inform our iterative, human-centered design process, resulting in products built with clinician needs and patient well-being in mind. 


Closed System Transfer Device (CTSD)
The Arisure® Closed System Transfer Device (CTSD) is a completely closed system designed for healthcare professionals to ensure the safe compounding, transport, and delivery of hazardous drugs. The Arisure CSTD is completely needle-free and is appropriate for use in both pharmacy and clinical settings. Arisure® has received ONB clearance from the US FDA for its use as a Closed System Transfer Device.


vented and non-vented
vial access devices

Yukon Medical’s Vialok® vented and non-vented vial access devices are designed to help you safely access standard drug vials for needle-free drug preparation and administration.

Product Development Services

Yukon Medical can create custom clinical solutions to meet your specific needs. Yukon’s ability to respond quickly to changing needs, robust supply chain with world-class quality systems, and deep knowledge of global medical device regulatory requirements means your product will be delivered in a timely manner at a reasonable cost. Learn more about our product development services.

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