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Tom Fraites

Senior Director, Product Development
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As both a scientist and engineer, Tom has spent his entire career at the intersection of technologies and healthcare applications. As part of his graduate training at the University of Florida Powell Gene Therapy Center, Tom published some of the first demonstrations of correction of a musculoskeletal disorder using recombinant viral gene therapy vectors and also contributed key data demonstrating the preclinical efficacy of an enzyme replacement therapy. During that time, he also completed a joint program in business and biotechnology, which planted the seeds for a career in the biomedical industry.

Beginning with his postdoctoral fellowship, Tom led numerous technology development programs in cell therapy, regenerative medicine, and enabling technologies at BD Technologies (Becton Dickinson) in North Carolina.

After successfully bringing several custom cell culture environments to the point of commercialization, Tom relocated to New Jersey and moved into a medical device product development role at BD Medical, Medication Delivery Solutions. During his five years in New Jersey, Tom led an R&D organization that was responsible for design, development, commercialization, sustaining engineering, and life cycle management for a product franchise spanning fourteen manufacturing sites, four continents, and over 10 billion single-use disposable medical devices per year. In his current role, Tom leads the design and development activities for Yukon Medical’s core product portfolio and custom device offerings, which are dedicated to making medication preparation and delivery safer and more efficient.

Among his favorite responsibilities is elevating Yukon Medical’s technical capabilities by developing young engineers and partnering with external experts.

Tom holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, a joint MS/MBA with a concentration in Biotechnology from the University of Florida, and a Ph.D. in Medical Sciences from the University of Florida. Tom enjoys spending free time with his wife and two children and is an enthusiastic, novice sailor.