Advanced Reconstitution Systems


SmartMix™ Pre-filled Reconstitution System

Yukon Medical’s SmartMix is a novel reconstitution and delivery device capable of reconstituting a lyophilized or liquid drug and diluent. Utilizing pre-filled fluid vials, the SmartMix offers an innovative alternative to pre-filled syringes and other specialty containers that require costly studies and significant development time.

With one simple push to actuate the device, the drug and diluent are systematically mixed. Standard syringes with a luer connection can then be used to withdraw a specific solution volume.

The SmartMix is available in a variety of configurations and may even be customized to suit your specific needs. The device is compatible with nearly any standard 13 mm or 20 mm drug and diluent vials. It can be packaged individually or kitted with a drug vial and offers a novel alternative for reconstitution without changing current manufacturing processes or materials.

  • Three simple and intuitive preparation steps for standard dose reconstitution
  • Aseptic reconstitution of standard 20 mm and 13 mm drug and diluent vial configurations
  • Visual indication of proper mix
  • Compact sterile system
  • Vented with a 0.2 micron filter for easy and complete drug withdrawal
  • Needle-free syringe with standard luer connection
  • Locks in the down position to prevent re-use

Vialok® Dual Vial Access Device

Yukon Medical’s Vialok Dual Vial Access Device is capable of aseptically transferring a specific dose of fluid from one vial to another. By using a needle-free syringe for fluid transfer, the user is able to draw a specific volume of diluent and simply press a switch to transfer that volume of diluent into the medication vial. The desired volume of reconstituted medication may then be drawn into the syringe based on the patient’s weight or required dose.

  • Multiple product configurations:
    • 20 mm (diluent) X 20 mm (drug)
    • 20 mm (diluent) X 13 mm (drug)
    • 13 mm (diluent) X 13 mm (drug)
  • Easy attachment and superior vial security
  • Vented, vial remains at atmospheric pressure
  • 0.2 micron filter pulls clean air into vial
  • Medical grade materials with high lipid and chemical resistance
  • BPA free option
  • Connection options include standard female luer or female needle-free valve


SmartMix™ and Dual ViaLok® are pending 510(k) clearance — Not available for sale in the U.S.