ViaLok® Non-Vented Vial Access


Yukon Medical’s ViaLok Non-Vented Vial Access devices are used to access standard drug vials for needle-free drug preparation and administration. The novel shrouded spike design ensures easy attachment and superior vial security with standard 13 mm and 20 mm vials.

These products are designed to minimize hold-up volume, with or without valves that automatically close upon disconnection. The non-vented vial access devices are available in both male and female luer connections. The devices can be packaged individually or kitted with a drug vial, offering a simplified alternative for needle-free reconstitution without changing current manufacturing processes or materials.

ViaLok Non-Vented Vial Access Device

The Non-Vented ViaLok Vial Access Device is designed with a low profile and an optimized fluid path in the spike, minimizing priming volume. The dose can be quickly and easily withdrawn during preparation using a needle-free syringe.

  • Multiple product configurations:
    • 20 mm standard vial
    • 13 mm standard vial
  • Easy attachment and superior vial security
  • Low-profile design, minimizing hold-up volume
  • High flow rate due to large fluid lumen
  • Medical grade materials with high lipid and chemical resistance
  • BPA free option
  • Various connection options including male and female needle-free valves as well as standard male and female luers
ViaLok Non-Vented Vial Access Devices have been cleared for sale in the U.S. and E.U.