Closed System
Transfer Device

The Arisure® Closed System Transfer Device was made for you.
It is a completely closed system to protect you and your team from exposure to harmful vapors when compounding, transporting, and delivering hazardous drugs.

  • Arisure Closed System Transfer Device

  • Mechanically and microbiologically closed

    The Arisure CSTD is proven to prevent contaminants from escaping or entering the system.

  • Needle-free and easy to use

    The Arisure CSTD is needle-free and its luer lock connections are intuitive and easy to use.

  • Minimal workflow disruption

    Get closed and compliant with minimal workflow disruption.

Arisure For Use in Pharmacy

The Arisure CSTD keeps you and your team safe so you can quickly and efficiently compound the right drug and the right dose with the least amount of disruption to your workflow.

  • mechanically closed system reduces exposure to hazardous drug vapors
  • completely needlefree eliminating any risk of accidental needlesticks
  • microbiologically closed system maintains drug vial sterility
  • low attachment force eases strain during vial insertion
  • high flow rate allows for easy drug extraction
  • fits into existing workflow minimizing disruptions

Arisure For Use in Nursing

The Arisure CSTD keeps you safe so you can focus on the most important thing, your patient.

  • closed system reduces exposure to hazardous drug vapors
  • closed system prevents accidental spills
  • completely needle-free eliminating any risk of accidental needlesticks
  • simple luer lock connections you are already familiar with
  • no special adaptors needed
  • integrates seemlessly with current infusion protocols limiting workflow disruption

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