Custom Solutions

Existing Technologies Customized to Your Needs

For many applications, our existing technologies can be an off-the-shelf solution for your drug delivery needs. They can be standalone or packaged with a drug.


If you should require customization for your patient population; specific volumes, delivery methods or vial sizes, we can tailor our products to accommodate your specifications.


Yukon’s ability to respond quickly to changing needs, our robust supply chain with world class quality systems, and deep knowledge of global medical device regulatory requirements means your product will be delivered in a timely manner at a reasonable cost.



Advanced Reconstitution Systems

Yukon Medical’s custom options provide unique solutions for many compounding issues or problems.

The Dual Vial Adapter can be used to aseptically transfer a specific dose of fluid from one vial to another. Draw up a specific volume of diluent and simply press a switch to transfer the diluent into the other medication vial. The desired volume of reconstituted medication can then be drawn back into the syringe based on the patient’s weight or required dose.

  • 01
    Available in multiple product configurations: 20 mm x 20 mm, 20 mm x 13 mm, and 13 mm x 13 mm
  • 02
    Medical grade materials with high lipid and chemical resistance, BPA free option available
  • 03
    Vented vial with .2 micron filter pulling clean air into the vial helping it remain at atmospheric pressure
  • 04
    Connection options include standard female luer or female needle-free valve

The SmartMix can be used for reconstituting a lyophilized or liquid drug and diluent.  Utilizing pre-filled fluid vials, the SmartMix offers an innovative alternative to pre-filled syringes and other specialty containers that require costly studies and significant development time. With one simple push to actuate the device, the drug and diluent are systematically mixed. Standard syringes with a luer connection can then be used to withdraw a specific solution volume.

  • 01
    Requires only three simple and intuitive preparation steps for standard dose reconstitution
  • 02
    Vented with a 0.2 micron filter for easy and complete drug withdrawal
  • 03
    Uses a needle-free syringe with standard luer connection
  • 04
    Maintains a sterile system and locks in down position to prevent re-use


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